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Whole Body Vibration


 Whole Body Vibration technology as we see it today first began in Europe in the 1960s. The Russian Space Program began the real studies of Whole Body Vibration to help rehabilitate their cosmonauts when they returned from space to help repair muscle atrophy and to increase bone density. Whole Body Vibration allowed Russian cosmonaut and medical doctor Valery Polakov to stay in space for a world-record-setting 438 days, while American astronauts had to return after only 196 due to severe muscle atrophy and reduced bone density.

So what exactly is Whole Body Vibration? It's a simple concept really - Movement is good for you, so why wouldn't moving your entire body be great for you? When you stand on our vibration machine, the base plate will rock back and forth and cause your muscles to contract and relax, just like you were exercising them, but at a much faster rate, and using a lot less of your effort! Using Whole Body Vibration is like using a megaphone - with the same amount of effort, what once made a little impact starts to make a huge impact.

The T-Zone Vibration platform is great for

Muscle toning
Weight Loss
Cellulite reduction

We use these machines with our weight loss patients and as a rehab tool for injuries.

If you think you could benefit from using the T-Zone VT-15 please feel free to stop by the office to try it for free.

Also, machines are available for sale for only $1869.00, or you can pay $350 down and $71 a month and get a machine in only 2-3 days.  There are no credit checks for financing! 

To learn more, try it out, or purchase your own machine, call us at 770-946-0405 today!

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