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We value our patients' experience at Foundation Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Brandt Adams
Your Hampton Chiropractor

"I had never considered doing any nutritional cleansing until I was having problems getting rid of the side effect of a prescribed medication.  Even after I'd been off the medication for months, the side effect was still lingering until Dr. Adams suggested a liver cleanse product--drops that I mixed with juice twice a day. Within two weeks, the problem was completely gone and I realized maybe there was more to this cleansing business than I had figured.  So after watching my daughter go through a 21-day cleanse, I thought it might help with my weight loss efforts.  I committed myself to taking the supplements and following the food guide Dr. Adams provided.  Within 7 days, things I never expected started happening.

First, my singing voice returned.  I'd lost about two-thirds of my range and what was left was pretty bad.  I had chalked it up to my age (I'm 61), and was surprised when I found myself reaching notes I'd given up as lost forever.  Next, my trigger-happy bladder calmed down.  Instead of needing to run to the potty frequently (especially when I was under any kind of deadline), I was going for 4-7 hours without any problems.  The best part was that I began sleeping through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom.  Instead of waking up every 1 1/2 to 3 hours, I was sleeping for 6-7.  If I did happen to wake up, I just rolled over and went back to sleep without needing to get up.  
Then, I realized a persistent headache had vanished.  And by the end of the cleanse, I was moving easier than I had for years.  So many things like minor but ever-present aches and pains that I had accepted as a natural part of aging just went away.  The plan was not a hard one to follow at all.  I became very fond of the protein shakes I fixed each morning.  I even lost about 12 pounds, but the weight loss took back seat to the other improvements.  There were quite a few supplement pills to take, but interestingly enough, I found that once I had finished taking them all, some of the aching started creeping back in.  Dr. Adams explained to me that toxins were stored in fat cells, so that as long as I had weight to lose, inflammatory toxins would probably still create problems.  It was enough that I committed myself to another 21-days.   


"For me it was the first time that I really have seen a chiropractor since I use to play minor league baseball and that has been about 20 years ago.

I am a very active person and about 7 years ago I took up cycling and have been riding ever since in different type of events in pro and other types of levels. In the past couple of years I have taken bad falls that have hit me a bit hard on my body but I still continue to ride. I was told to go see a Chiropractor so that I could get several off knots and sharp pain that I have been feeling in my back and neck. I immediately went to Dr. Ryan office and ever since I have been feeling a lot better. I recommend Dr. Ryan to anyone whom is having any type of lower back and other parts of your body issues and that are feeling that they need a tune up. Let him work his magic.  

See you soon for my next visit and thanks for letting riding again feel good!!!!"


"Lovejoy Chiropractic is clean, efficient and helpful. Dr. Adams really listens and I was pleased with the results of my treatment. Highly recommended."


"Lovejoy Chiropractic has made a huge impact on my life. Dr. Adams has taken great care to not only correct my physical issues but he is teaching me to better take care of myself. Dr. Adams believes in healing...not just fixing for the minute. My entire family are all patients of Dr. Adams. I would-I have!-recommend him to my friends."

-Marcie C.

"I have used Dr. Adams for months and I have always had an exceptional experience. I enjoy the friendliness of the staff and love that they are Christ centered. I definitely recommend them all the time."

-Lisa J.

"I love coming to Lovejoy Chiropractic. Dr. Adams always finds the right spots to make me feel better. Before, I had really bad back pains and neck pains, but after each visit, he makes me feel brand new. So, thanks, Dr. Adams, for everything!"

-Shuwanda B.

"I would like to write a review about my visit at your office. I had a very good experience starting with the well trained, polite scheduling coordinator and ending with the well experienced doctor. He took his time examining me and explaining the treatment. I would recommend this office for anyone looking for a good chiropractor."


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