Massage Therapy

  Massage is the manipulation of muscles and other connective tissue through a variety of techniques to help decrease pain and stress, increase circulation, as well as to help detoxify and encourage the body to heal itself naturally. Massage has a wide variety of benefits and can aid in the management of problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic pain, as well as increase athletic performance, especially when used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes. massage_pain_relief_1.JPG

   In our office, you'll always be treated with respect and care. The number one concern of our experienced therapists is to get you out of pain and at your best as quickly as possible. Specializing in Neuromuscular and deep tissue massage, our highly trained and licensed therapists can offer you a natural solution to your pain or stress. Book your appointment today and feel better tomorrow!

  30 minutes    $40
   60 minutes    $60
   90 minutes    $85
   120 minutes  $110

We also sell custom blend scented massage oils for your home use.

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Foundation Chiropractic

1062 Bear Creek Blvd, Suite 100 
Hampton, GA 30228

Phone: 770-946-0405 
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Foundation Chiropractic
1062 Bear Creek Blvd, Suite 100
Hampton, GA 30228
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  • Phone: 770-946-0405
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