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We treat neck pain, back pain, joint pain and much more!

Health Services we provide


We don’t just simply “adjust” you. Rather, we take a whole-body approach to wellness. Often, that starts in the spine.


To make sure your muscles stay limber and healthy, a deep-tissue massage is just the ticket. We can give you a single massage, or you can join the club and get one or several every month.


From basic dietary counseling to in-depth athletic guidance to get the very best nutrition you can, our nutrition services are there to guide you to be your healthiest you. We also can provide our own supplement formulations!

Did You Know…

Chiropractic isn’t just about back and neck pain! We also treat other joints and we are especially proficient at treating knee pain.

In fact, 20% of our patients come in seeking help for joints like knees and the pain they can sometimes have. If you are experiencing pain in other areas, see waht we can do by checking out our knee pain page.

This same treatment works on shoulders, elbows, ankles and wrists, sciatica and more places likes hips.

You don’t have to suffer!

Call us to set up a time for therapy and your knees will thank you!

Who we are affects how we do this

We Serve

Our number one purpose is to serve you. Every individual that comes into our office is unique. We provide excellent care for your specific needs.

We Are Experts

Chiropractic is about changing “maps” in the brain. We’re experts at correcting joint dysfunction and making you feel better. We’ve been doing this for over a decade!

We Are Different

We’ve always wanted to give holistic (whole-body, whole-disease) care. We treat you differently. In fact, if you want a different treatment, just ask and we’ll help you out.

Do You Need A Chiropractor?

If you have any of the below symptoms, you could benefit from a visit!

Spine, Neck & Back Pain

If you have pain, especially in your back & spine, we help you get rid of it and live better. We also help relieve pain in other parts of the body.

Tight Muscles

The muscles tighten to protect the spine. If your muscles are not loose, a chiropractor can help you limber up.

Poor Balance

Did you know that your brain builds a “map” of the body’s frame? If the joints aren’t moving properly, or the muscles are tense, or you are injured, it can throw off the map, making you lose balance!

Chronic Illness

When illness just doesn’t heal, there is an underlying health issue to resolve. We use a holistic approach to find the underlying cause of the illness and help you heal via lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation.

Come Experience The ProAdjuster 360!

A More Comfortable Chiropractic Technology.

Feel better without all the twisting, cracking and popping of traditional chiropractic methods.

The Sigma Ultralign has been renamed the ProAdjuster 360™

What our customers say

If you like, you can read more testimonials.

“I love this place! They are very friendly and professional! I would highly recommend them. 😁”
Michelle White

“Being a golf pro for 40 years I’ve always had a Chiropractor handy. I can vouch for Dr. Adams effectiveness. So glad that I found him.”
Dale Seaton

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