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Got Knee Pain?

We can help with knee pain!

Whether from injury or disease, knee pain can slow you down. Call us to see what therapy we can do for you!

In the video above, Dr. Adams talks about Mechnical Motion Therapy and why it can be used on so many different joints in your body.

About Knee Pain.
Do I Need Treatment?

A normal healthy joint should be pain free, even as you age. However, major injuries, minor injuries or even the wrong type of movement over time, can cause chronic pain. If your knees are hurting from injury, arthritis, or are not healing properly, you need to see us. 

What causes most types of knee pain?

Knee pain arises from exercising or moving on a knee that is not properly aligned. Technically speaking this is joint dysfunction. This may have started as injury or even an auto immune inflammatory condition like arthritis. Over time, this improper movement can wear down the cartilage and put strain on the muscles and tendons. Foot or hip joint issues can also cause strain on the knee ligaments, causing the cartilage to wear unevenly and creating inflammation in the tendons. In addition, trauma that is not properly treated or rehabilitated can, in many cases, cause chronic knee pain.

How do I know if I need treatment?

If any of the following apply, you may benefit from treatment:

    • You have chronic knee pain with degenerative arthritis from an injury
    • You have already had knee-replacement surgery and continue to have chronic pain
    • You have an injury from over-use or over-extension
    • You are an athlete with repetitive movement and stress on the knee
We use new technology in treating knee pain for our patients called Mechanical Motion Therapy. This treatment helps to align the joint properly and balance the stabilizing tendons around the knee so you can enjoy pain free range of motion.
Not everyone needs to be treated. If you have questions or not sure if this treatment is right for your specific condition, give us a call and we can help you determine if it will be beneficial get treated.

Note: Acute knee injuries should first be evaluated orthopedically to assess for ACL or MCL damage.  Orthopedic care and imaging is necessary in treating torn ligaments

What Have People Been Saying About Foundation Chiropractic & MMT?

Dr. Adams is wonderful. Not only is he is great chiropractor, he is very knowledgeable about natural supplements and exercises that help strengthen and repair your body. All of the staff at Foundations are friendly and helpful.

Donna Brown Craig

Great people. Amy is the best massage therapist. Love her. Dr Adams is great and I love the new way of being adjusted!

Judy Hayes

I have been going to Foundation Chiropractic for several years. Not only have they helped me with back pain, but the treatments I receive also reduce the volume of migraines I get. The service here is fantastic and they are always flexible with schedules. I have never been disappointed in their quality.

Russell Creekmore


You have questions and we have answers. Here are a couple of short questions many people ask about our mechanical motion therapies in general. If you have a specific question, please call us and Dr. Adams will answer everything to your satisfaction.

What is Mechanical Motion Therapy (MMT)?
MMT is a branded, certified treatment system, available at Foundation Chiropractic, that is a combination of computer-based instrument technology coupled with simultaneous patient-assisted specific postures and movement. This therapy is also highly effective in treating knee pain.
Why would MMT be beneficial in treating knee pain?
By restoring joint motion and alignment and increasing flexibility, MMT can reduce knee pain, thereby decreasing the need for pain medicine and providing increased mobility and function. MMT can frequently prevent the need for knee replacement surgery that arises from chronic knee pain.
What are other benefits of using this therapy?
MMT is unique and especially effective because the patient actively participates in the treatment process. The clinician directs the patient in specific, predetermined movement patterns while applying and operating the instrument. This allows the clinician to apply precisely the right amount of tension and force upon the appropriate tissues while maintaining a comfortable and consistent treatment. MMT can be effective in treating symptoms that have been present for years or even decades by creating increased motion and flexibility. MMT is a comfortable and efficient way to treat your functional needs and decrease pain.
How does MMT compare to other therapies?
The patient actively participates through movement while the clinician applies specific amounts of pressure to key areas through a computerized instrument system that shows immediate feedback. This multi-faceted and technology-enhanced approach is unique to MMT and not available in physical therapy. And while other treatments like steroid injections or prescription pain medicine may provide symptomatic relief for a time, they do not restore healthy function. MMT goes directly to the source of pain and provides functional improvement in the joints, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues.

Got A Different Question? Just drop us a line, or call, and we will be happy to answer any question you might have. Better yet, just set an appointment and Dr. Adams will go over everything and examine you to see if you are a good candidate for Mechanical Motion Therapy.

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