When we were engaged, my apartment in Dallas was very close to the office where The Chiropractor was working as a nutritionist.  Since I could never meet him for lunch, I gave him a key to my apartment so that he could grab some food or cook something if he didn’t have time to pack a lunch. There was a whiteboard in my kitchen on which we started leaving cheesy love notes for each other.  (Keep in mind we were engaged so that’s the phase we were in!)

Sometimes we’d rewrite song lyrics or create terrible poems expressing our love.  The one that sticks in my memory was our rewrite of John Denver’s “You Fill Up My Senses.”  As best I can remember, it went something like this:

You fill up my senses

Like a cold frothy smoothie

Like a ripe avocado

Like a shot of B12

Like a glass of kombucha

Like a lumbar adjustment

You fill up my senses

Come fill me again!

I know.  We’re strange.  But, I believe I have successfully learned a significant part of my husband’s love language!  So when we started playing a casual game of hangman a couple years later that lasted several weeks, I knew the message “you and me go together like calcium and magnesium” would really touch him.  I was right.  🙂

PS  – If you want a health-related takeaway from this post, make the Natural Calm magnesium/calcium supplement a part of your routine.  It can help with a ton of things from migraines to fatigue to fibromyalgia (seriously, do a google search if you’re curious). You can buy it at any health food store and some grocery stores.  The Chiropractor has other brands he recommends as well (you can see some of those here) but this one is widely available and a pretty decent quality.  I sometimes add a little honey and apple cider vinegar in mine and drink it more like a tea, but you can just combine it with water.  You add a small amount of water first and let it fizz up, then you can add more water to dilute it.

Enjoy.  And may your calcium and magnesium be just as balanced as the veggies and fruit in a perfect, frothy smoothie….