Let’s talk about kombucha.  If you’re already converted, you can scroll right past this.  If you’ve tried it once and spewed it out and don’t know how anyone can drink “that nasty stuff,” keep reading.  If nothing else, you can gain a little more understanding about why some of us are hooked. And I’ll validate that initial spewing-out reaction too.  That’s totally normal.  And if this is your first time hearing about it, well then, the time has come!

When The Chiropractor first offered me a drink of his kombucha, I was a little skeptical, but proceeded to swig away thinking I’d be tasting something like carbonated grape juice (whatever that might taste like).  I took a way-too-big gulp and could barely get it down.  He of course chuckled while my mouth recovered from the “buzz.”  (Confession: I’ve never had an alcoholic drink so maybe it hit me a little strong?!)  

I don’t think I had any more that night, but for some reason I was convinced to try it again.  I was learning about the benefit of fermented foods and probiotics and how kombucha offered both.  When I stumbled on the GT Guava flavor, and took tiny sips at a time, I started to grow my tolerance, and before long, I found myself craving that vinegar-y bite.  Now I can enjoy just about any flavor with the best of the kombucha drinkers (but I do have to temper my intake because my tongue does a funny thing if I drink a lot of it).

A good friend from my church, knowing we were fans, offered to brew us several different flavors to serve at our wedding reception (again, no alcohol was served but we had plenty of pungent kombucha!).  I do fear that more than one guest was rudely surprised when they tried to quench their thirst with a drink.  (It was clearly labeled, though–I promise we weren’t trying to play practical jokes on our guests!)  Interestingly enough, a couple of the kids really liked it.  🙂

So here’s my advice if you have any interest in incorporating this beverage into your diet but just haven’t been able to down it yet:

1) Try a different brand. You can get it at most grocery stores and even some drug stores and gas stations.  Look for where the smoothie drinks are.
2) Look for one that has a little more sugar if it’s too bitter at first.  Guava and Mango are some of my favorites.  The Kroger Simple Truth brand has a strawberry lemonade flavor that I love.  Mmm.
3) Go slow!
4) Drink up an open bottle within a day or 2.  Much longer and it will lose its carbonation and not be as appealing.

Enjoy.  Every Thursday night with sushi.  Or whenever.  🙂