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Chiropractic, Nutrition & Even General Topics Are Published Here. We are attempting to make this a repository of information about many things that are foundational to good health. Please be patient with us as we grow this to a great library!
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Have you heard it said that chiropractors and/or orthopedic docs discourage the use of trampolines due to the frequency of related injuries?  Or if anything, that they encourage a trampoline that has an enclosed net?  In theory this decreases the likelihood of having...

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

The Chiropractor and I have made many trips to Stone Mountain, Georgia together, but more frequently I’ve gone up and down the mountainside solo. A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to do some training for an upcoming trip, too.

Some Back Story

Some Back Story

When The Chiropractor (aka Brandt) and I started dating, my world turned a little upside down, in more than one way.  At the time, he was in chiropractic school and very passionate about the things he was learning. He’d had his own long and difficult journey of...

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